• Reviewed by: stegjax  on: 21/04/2014
    Oh and by the way, not only is your food awesome, but you guys are always kind and respectful. Most of the other places ive ordered from were rude, disrespectful or rushing me through my order. thank you, its so refreshing not to get snapped at when i want chinese food. :)Now if you guys had Sushi, i would just have to move in and you would have to adopt me haha
  • Reviewed by: stegjax  on: 21/04/2014
    Just. Yum. If i get fat, i blame you allll
  • Reviewed by: aanna_thamires_silva  on: 17/09/2013
    Great chinese food! It's always tasting fresh! I love it!
  • Reviewed by: lisabernknopf  on: 31/07/2013
    been ordering since they opened
  • Reviewed by: SeanOpry91  on: 27/02/2013
    This place is great.
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