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  • Reviewed by: igloo  on: //2021
    As a kid I went with my family here. Is this the same place now I went to? A daughter was phasing into running the restaurant. Her father was phasing into retiring. That was the 1970s. I wonder what generation its up to now.
  • Reviewed by: kimberlystarmer  on: //2021
    Delicious dinner, everyone loved it. Thank you.
  • Reviewed by: czechoffender  on: //2021
    When I was a kid, I used to go here with my parents. I live across the country now in the south, but I still have memories from 12 or 10 years ago. We ate at Chop Spot (Great Food), but we also went here because it was so close! I remember the staff, the fish tank, the white tiles, and the warm welcomes. I would recommend this place to anyone living around, as it is good food, readily available, and it just rocks. :)
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